June 24, 2024

Evidence confirm Anthony Joshua’s Victory to be rigged.

‘He cheated’, evidence confirm Anthony Joshua’s Victory to be rigged.

This past weekend in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Anthony Joshua and Joseph Parker both achieved tremendous victory in what could turn out to be the biggest of their careers.

Despite having tasted the canvas twice, Parker prevailed against a worn-out and frequently timid Zhilei Zhang. Throughout the 36-minute bout, the Kiwi fighter demonstrated discipline and effectiveness with his jab. With the guidance of Andy Lee, he managed to maintain his composure and threat even after losing both of his 10-8 rounds. Parker’s ability to smother most of Zhang’s strikes with quick reactions and agility eliminated any genuine chance of a stoppage for the massive Chinese heavyweight. Zhang’s quick hands did win a few times.

This was Parker’s winning momentum and rhythm were evident inside the Kingdom Arena in his fifth battle since the year 2023 began.

Frequently, we tend to evaluate a heavyweight too soon after a loss, adding them to the mounting pile of former elite contenders in the division. Maybe it’s because there aren’t as many opportunities to go up a level as there are in those weight classes below. For instance, a welterweight’s poor performance can be simply—and frequently—attributed to a difficult weight reduction or to outgrowing the division; whenever they begin their careers in new arenas, they are given a fresh start.

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