June 22, 2024

JUST NOW: Finally Justin Jefferson is traded to Bengals now…

A common feature of the NFL offseason is wild rumors.

What, though, is superior to a wild rumor? A wild rumor from a wild source.

One such rumor, that the Bengals were about to trade for Justin Jefferson, an All-Pro wide receiver for the Minnesota Vikings, surfaced in Cincinnati on Tuesday. The origin? a purported coworker of Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow, who was reportedly chatting up her boyfriend’s teammates in the break room about the team’s impending move for the NFL Offensive Player of the Year award in 2022.

A text message exchange between Burrow’s girlfriend and a guy in the community is shown in the screenshot of a discussion that Bengals fan posted on X (formerly Twitter). The woman stated they are in serious talks. “He stated that JJ and Tee [Higgins] would receive two firsts each, and Burrow has consented to rework his contract so that JJ and [Ja’Marr] Chase would receive three years and $100 million each.”

To be sure, the Bengals fan attached a screenshot of Burrow’s girlfriend’s LinkedIn page proving that, yes, the Cincinnati-based grocery chain Kroger’s corporate office is where she works (note the missing “S”).

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