June 19, 2024

SO SAD: bulldogs head coach Lane Kiffin announced his departure…

Brock Bowers, a tight end for the Georgia Bulldogs, has routinely been included among the most prominent players at the 2024 NFL Combine.

Many predict that the two-time Mackey Award-winning tight end will be the first player selected at his position in the first round. He has been tabbed as a surefire lock.

It looks that tight end Bowers has chosen not to participate in NFL Combine workouts, with his draft prospects obviously already in fantastic shape. Instead, he will probably only participate in medical examinations and media availability.

Fans should keep in mind that although Bowers’ revelation was abrupt and somewhat surprising, he suffered from an ankle sprain that required surgery in 2023 and missed a few games, including Georgia’s convincing 63-3 victory over Florida State in the 2024 Orange Bowl.

On his pro day at Georgia, Bowers will probably participate in “combine-like” workouts in front of NFL scouts. The current date of the Bulldogs pro day is March 13.

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