June 18, 2024

On Saturday, offensive linemen will wrap up the NFL Scouting Combine’s media interview phase.

Just three of the six former Michigan offensive lineman in attendance at the combine spoke with reporters in Indianapolis.

The highlights from the interviews on Saturday are as follows:

Drake Nugent of Michigan on the six Wolverines offensive linemen receiving combine invites: “It’s pretty wild, actually.” I take it that you can only start five on an offensive line? I believe it simply speaks well of the group we were in the room. Trente (Jones) was the sixth player with the enormous wide-tight end role for the first three quarters of the season, not just the starting five. He did a terrific job with that, in my opinion. He in and gave us a great performance when it was his moment to shine. He and the others in the room deserve all the praise for putting us right.

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as well. The younger males, all holding bags, staring, that kind of stuff. For us to go out and win it all, it all adds up over time and over the year.

Nick Samac of Michigan State discusses the difficulties associated with coaching changes: “I had two coaching staff changes when I went there, technically three with the interim this year.” I developed a great relationship with our defensive back coach this past year and picked up some pretty valuable lessons about perseverance in the face of injury. Every year, I felt more and more confident, putting up a constant effort and attitude, and I think I’ve really connected with

individuals everywhere.

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Zak Zinter of Michigan responded, “I did,” to players from Ohio State after suffering a season-ending injury. In Texas, I did some training with a couple guys from Ohio State. All around great guys, to be honest. You immediately see the videos of them praying for me. It simply proves that life is more than football. You never want to witness someone get hurt like that. They see that injury. We’re just playing the game, competing, out there. That was unique to witness; those are all incredibly kind guys.

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