June 19, 2024

News about USC football: Daylan McCutcheon finalists Ohio State and the Trojans

Top flight transfer players abound in the 2024 class, and many of them have a lot to prove this year. Riley lost a seasoned assistant coach to join Jim Harbaugh in the NFL, which increased worries that the Trojans might regress the next year.

Urban Meyer hands Ohio State football crown to Ryan Day, 39

Riley’s school was ranked as a finalist for one of the top receiving prospects in the country, just as the offseason heated up.

Potential Daylan McCutcheon Trojans
McCutcheon is ranked among the top 95 recruits in his class by several major college football powers, with USC football being one of them.

Despite having players like Caleb Williams, a former Heisman Trophy winner, and other generational talent, the USC football team concluded the previous season with an 8-5 record.

Now that the squad is a part of the Big Ten Conference, coach Lincoln Riley is looking to make major roster changes, and the most recent recruiting tidings have raised expectations for a spectacular class in 2025.

The 6-foot-175-pound wide receiver from Lucas, Texas, is a finalist for football programs at Florida, Texas, Florida State, and other comparable colleges.

One fan made reference to the football teams from Ohio State, Texas, USC, and Florida State—all of whom have had tremendous success recently—saying, “Something tells me it’s the left.”



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