June 17, 2024

Ohio State football’s “Mount Rushmore” is named by Justin Fields

Urban Meyer hands Ohio State football crown to Ryan Day, 39

On Thursday, NFL receivers and brothers Amon Ra and Equanimeous, who host the “St. Brown Bros.” podcast, Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields identified his “Mount Rushmore” of Ohio State athletes. Fields claimed he had “never watched Ohio State before” traveling to Columbus, possibly indicating his impartiality on the subject. I must admit that before I attended Ohio State, I had never followed the team. I visited Georgia. I was an SEC and Georgia fan. Fields remarked, “I never watched Ohio State.” I had no prior knowledge of them prior to my transfer. Before going up there, I had never even paid a visit, but when they told me I could play, I took off and slid.”

In just two seasons, the former QB1 amassed 867 yards and 15 touchdowns as a running quarterback, making him one of the best in program history.

The product of Kennesaw, Georgia, who transferred from Georgia to play for Ohio State in 2019 and 2020, had two Heisman winners on his list and graciously left himself off. “Shoot, my Mount Rushmore of the four Ohio State football players. Fields remarked, “I have to give one to Troy Smith because he won a Heisman.” “I have to give the second to [Ezekiel Elliott]. Ted Ginn [Jr.] was, in my opinion, going bonkers at Ohio State. Eddie George is the final one as well. It may come as a surprise that the only two-time Heisman winner in history, former Ohio State running back Archie Griffin, was ranked higher than a player who contributed to the team’s 2014 championship victory.

There has been a lot of conjecture about whether the Bears may trade down for another quarterback or select Caleb Williams of Southern California as the first overall pick in the quarterback selection this offseason. If the Bears decide to cut the former Buckeye quarterback, who has established himself as a reliable starting quarterback in the NFL, he should have no issue finding a new team.

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