June 15, 2024

Following a heated altercation, an Alabama judge is barely alive after being shot by his violent son, according to police

Following a furious dispute, an Alabama judge’s felon son opened fire on him, leaving him critically injured, according to authorities.

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According to the county sheriff’s office, Khalfani Hardwick allegedly shot and killed his father, Judge Johnny Hardwick, the presiding judge of Montgomery County’s Fifteenth Judicial Circuit, inside his Montgomery home just after 1 p.m.

Although the cause of the “domestic incident” is still unknown, authorities quickly identified Khalfani Hardwick, a murderer who escaped punishment for a murder committed ten years prior, as the shooter.

Assistant Chief Wesley Richerson told The Post, “Judge Hardwick was involved in a domestic incident with his son and suffered serious injuries from a gunshot wound.”

The 36-year-old prisoner escaped in a truck, which he abandoned five miles from the house close to a local fire department, after he was accused of shooting his father.

Khalfani Hardwick has a violent past that includes shooting and killing another man in 2014.

In exchange for the attempted murder charge against Clayton Riley being reduced to second-degree assault, the judge’s son admitted to shooting Riley in the head and killing him.

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