June 19, 2024

SO SAD: The key player is suspended today by…..

Due to heavy snowfall last weekend, the Bills’ wild-card game against the Steelers was postponed by one day, while the Chiefs’ game against the Dolphins was the fourth-coldest in NFL history. They both prevailed, and their prior success playing in challenging circumstances surely helped

With the two Super Bowl contenders playing in Buffalo on Sunday in the divisional round, neither team will get much of a rest this weekend.

This is the weather forecast for the game on Sunday at Highmark Stadium, which includes expected temperatures and amounts of snow.

The Chiefs and Bills are in luck because they will play on a rare day in Buffalo when there is almost no threat of snow. The National Weather Service predicts that Sunday will be 26 degrees in Buffalo with winds of 8 to 10 mph and very little probability of precipitation. The predicted kickoff temperature is close to 23 degrees.

Even though 23 is undoubtedly cold, neither of these teams nor their supporters are unfamiliar with it. The Bills played a snow game in the divisional round of the previous season and had to play in the wake of a significant snowstorm last week. The Chiefs’ experience last week, when the wind chill at Arrowhead Stadium dropped to -27 degrees, is greatly improved by the predicted 14 degrees.

Even though there isn’t any snow predicted for Sunday, it has nevertheless interfered with game preparations at Highmark Stadium. With additional snow falling in the area this week, the Bills have once again issued a request for volunteer snow shovelers, which will begin on Friday.

This week’s work won’t be as difficult because Buffalo isn’t predicted to get more than an inch of snow on Saturday. There’s little doubt that Sunday’s game will commence without a hitch if spectators and personnel could weather the storm that hit last week.

For these two candidates, the weather on Sunday may seem pleasant in comparison to last week’s conditions in Buffalo and Kansas City.

When the Chiefs play the Bills, temperatures should be close to 23 degrees, but the wind chill will make it feel like 14 degrees. Undoubtedly, that is chilly weather, but both teams are ready for it at this point in the season.

The Bills’ offense didn’t seem to be too troubled by the cold during Buffalo’s wild-card victory over the Steelers. Despite having a significant lead for the majority of the game, Josh Allen tried 30 attempts and completed three touchdown passes. James Cook, Ty Johnson, and Allen combined for 34 carries to keep the running game active, but Buffalo has seen this pattern ever since Joe Brady assumed the role of offensive playcaller.

On Sunday, the Bills would prefer to be in a position to take an early lead and have a lot of running room, but when these two formidable quarterbacks square off, that is rarely the case for either Buffalo or Kansas City.

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