June 24, 2024

STEELERS WR and QB just announced their departure……

The person the Steelers start against Pickett this summer may be that alteration. Although Tomlin stated he hopes Rudolph rejoins the Steelers in 2024, he is aware that anything may happen when he hits free agency. Tomlin responded, “It is,” when asked if he thought Rudolph would resign.

“But he is a free agent, and it is free agency, and so we’ll see where that leads us.”

The Steelers will search through free agency and the NFL Draft for another alternative if he decides to leave. In order to make sure he doesn’t pass up the opportunity to hold the position, Tomlin is working on his homework for the next class. “I do it every time.

I love personnel, you know,” Tomlin remarked. It is impossible to work in this field and not be interested in personnel, especially when it comes to quarterbacks, who can play both for and against you. I find it enjoyable.”

The Steelers, who have the 20th choice in the NFL Draft, have been made fun of for selecting players like LSU’s Jayden Daniels and Oregon’s Bo Nix.

Steelers analyst Nick Martin listed a later-round pick that he thinks they could select without having to use a first-round selection.



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