June 15, 2024

Antonio Fuoco and Matt Campbell’s have lost all their….

The car that Antonio Fuoco drove to his second consecutive WEC pole position in the Friday afternoon Hyperpole session by a margin of 0.507 seconds has lost all of its qualifying times and will now start the Saturday 6 Hour race from the back of the Hypercar field.

Matt Campbell’s #5 Porsche Penske Motorsport 963 LMDh will now start from pole position after he edged out Alex Lynn’s single Chip Ganassi-run Cadillac V-Series.R by 0.008s. “After checking the Technical Delegate report, the stewards considered the minimum car weight did not comply with the relevant regulations,” the stewards report stated.In Friday afternoon’s Hyperpole session, Antonio Fuoco’s car, which he led to a second consecutive WEC pole position by a margin of 0.507s, has lost all of

As a result, the Stewards made the decision to remove the lap times from the qualifying and hyperpole sessions as well as to disqualify vehicle 50.” With a top performance of 2 minutes and 26 seconds, Fuoco led the closest competitor, Campbell, by 0.507 seconds. The 2m02.462s Fuoco had set in the first qualifying session, which determined the top 10 that advanced to Hyperpole, was somewhat slower than that effort.

The Ferrari statement claimed that the vehicle “was found to be around 1 kg under the minimum weight mandated by regulations” and ascribed the difference to the installation of a replacement rear end component following damage sustained in an FP3 collision with another vehicle. James Calado, his teammate in the #51 entry, acknowledged that he “screwed up” after losing to Lynn by 0.021 seconds. With the #50 machine Fuoco shares with Miguel Molina and Nicklas Nielsen scheduled to start 19th, he is suddenly up to 10th on the grid.

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