July 15, 2024

Kansas City Chiefs super QB Patrick Mahomes is Swirling his Speculation.

With three Super Bowl rings in his brief career, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is undeniably the biggest celebrity in the NFL.

Therefore, it is significant when he takes the time to text a prospective prospect following an exceptionally strong showing at the NFL Combine.

No player improved their draft position more than Texas wide receiver Xavier Worthy at the NFL scouting combine in 2024. Worthy ran a 4.21 on his second try, shattering the NFL scouting combine record held by John Ross in the 40-yard sprint. He was aware that he had a chance to break the record.

I was well aware that I had a chance. I had no idea that would actually happen. I knew going in that I wouldn’t run any slower than 4.25,” Worthy said to USA TODAY Sports. “I knew I was going to break it when I ran a 4.25 on my first one.” Because I always ran quicker on my second 40 when I was training. I therefore anticipated running faster on the second forty.

After breaking the combine 40 record, Xavier Worthy claimed that his phone has been “buzzing.” Among the famous texts of congratulations he received were from three-time Super Bowl champion Patrick Mahomes, DeSean Jackson, and Hall of Fame linebacker Ray Lewis.

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