June 17, 2024

Liverpool may have defeated Forest 1-0, but Nuno Espirito Santo’s team had more to blame for Paul Tierney’s incompetence than anything else.

At Forest, Hudson-Odoi is having a good run of games under the new head coach. He performed brilliantly on Saturday, and some data about it have since surfaced.

Callum Hudson-Odoi’s stats highlight the quality of the forest.

After leaving Chelsea for £3 million, Hudson-Odoi has needed some time to settle in at Forest.

But in the past month, he has appeared healthy, alert, and—most importantly—has begun to shoot directly at the goal.

He scored three goals in just four Premier League games in February, and he now has four for the season to go with three

As Forest fell to Liverpool, certain stats from The Other 14 have surfaced on Twitter, demonstrating just how exceptional Hudson-Odoi was.

Signing the winger was always a gamble worth taking, especially considering the low cost Forest paid.

His ability to go past defenders constantly drew attention during his time at Chelsea, when he was linked to major teams.

Hudson-Odoi hasn’t been the same player since suffering an Achilles injury when playing for Chelsea, and he has missed numerous games due to injury while playing for Forest.

Currently, though, Hudson-Odoi appears to be enjoying a streak free of injuries with the squad under the guidance of a manager who has obviously shown faith in him.

Although these numbers are concerning, Forest will continue to hope that Hudson-Odoi would provide more.

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