June 24, 2024

BREAKING NEWS: Brock’s contract has been terminated due to

After late field goals, the two sides ended regulation locked at 19 in a defensive struggle that saw back-and-forth play. In their first overtime drive, the 49ers were forced to settle for a field goal, which gave the Chiefs the opportunity to win the Super Bowl twice in a row for the first time in twenty years.


Both CBS News and CBS Sports have live blogs that are updated during the game with further details about Super Bowl LVIII.


Running back Christian McCaffrey of the 49ers, who was selected as the 2023 Offensive Player of the Year on Thursday at the annual NFL Draft, is one of the star players to watch in Super Bowl LVIII.


What are the NFL season stats for Christian McCaffrey?

In 2023, McCaffrey’s second season with the 49ers, he led the league in touchdowns—14 rushing and 7 receiving—touchdowns (339), yards from scrimmage (2,023), and rushing yards (1,459). Moreover, he had 564 receiving yards.


In 2023, McCaffrey had career highs in receiving touchdowns (7) and yards per rushing attempt (5.4), totaling 1,459 rushing yards.


In two postseason games, McCaffrey has rushed for 188 yards and 4 touchdowns.


During the 49ers first drive of the Super Bowl, McCaffrey suffered a rare fumble. He only fumbled three times during the entire regular season, despite having 272 carries and 67 receptions for the year.


What are Christian McCaffrey’s career stats?

Over his seven-year NFL career with the Carolina Panthers and the 49ers, McCaffrey holds numerous NFL, Panthers and 49ers franchise records and has a growing number of league awards. Aside from his 2023 Offensive Player of the Year award, McCaffrey is a two-time First Tea

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