June 15, 2024

patrick mahomes is not his biological father of Bronze.

After a DNA test, patrick mahomes confirm that Bronze is not his biological son..

Patrick “Bronze” Lavon, the son of Patrick Mahomes, seems to be carrying on his father’s legacy!

Brittany Mahomes, the quarterback’s wife, posted a cute video of their 15-month-old boy holding onto a football on their family vacation on Thursday.

In the endearing video, Brittany, 28, said, “This dude just wants to hold on to the football and not let go,” as Patrick, 28, nodded triumphantly next to them.

In the video, which was shared on Brittany’s Instagram Story, the three people looked to be relaxing on a sun lounger.Patrick wore a blue vest, black sunglasses, and a straw sun hat, while Brittany wore a yellow and orange cover-up and sunglasses. Bronze, on the other hand, looked amazing in a T-shirt and shorts pair with black palm plants.

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