July 15, 2024

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Finally, spring practice is here, and Clemson supporters are eager to witness a lot of things. As practices get underway, these are the three questions I am thinking about the tight ends.

Can Jordan Leggett-caliber yards be attained by Jake Briningstool?
Jordan Leggett, a tight end for Clemson, recorded 46 receptions for 736 yards and seven touchdowns in 2016 as a senior. After Mike Williams, he was Deshaun Watson’s second-best target.

For comparison, Jake Briningstool recorded 50 receptions as a junior in 2023—four more than Leggett—but just 498 yards and five touchdowns. Furthermore, not even the receivers could match Leggett’s output of receiving yards in 2016. Clemson’s top receiver in 2023, Tyler Brown, only had 531 yards.

Watson’s superior ability to get down the field than Cade Klubnik undoubtedly helped Leggett. It is also possible to argue that Briningstool could have surpassed Leggett’s yardage record from 2016 if he had performed as well in the first half of 2023 as he did in the second.

In 2024, it is plausible to expect Briningstool to play a larger role from the beginning if he merely required more time to fully comprehend Garrett Riley’s offense and his play was elevated by the offense clicking for him. If so, he may be on track to surpass Leggett’s yardage and touchdown totals from 2016.

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