June 18, 2024

Josh Petty, an offensive tackle for Roswell Christian Top247 and the No. 2 player in the nation at his position, is expected to receive a lot of spring visitation offers. As per his father James’s schedule, they will visit Georgia Tech on March 15, return to Clemson on March 12, go back to Auburn on March 19, and travel to Florida State on March 29.

James clarified, “These are schools; we’re very family oriented, and Olivia, his older sister, is considering these schools.” She has participated in his sports; she is my water girl and serves as his manager in the wrestling ring. These are the schools she is thinking about. He truly wants this to be about her, since she graduates this spring. “I love the players, I love the coaches. Let’s go see them together,” he exclaimed. We have ranked these in order of priority and will go view them first.

These stops with his parents and sister are much anticipated by the younger Petty.

Josh stated, “My ultimate objective is to accompany my sister to school.” That would fulfill a lifelong dream. She has supported me and trained me from the beginning, looking out for my needs and being there for me. To attend the same school would be essential and significant for me.

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