June 17, 2024

Nothing compares to witnessing the candid banter between the Inside the NBA cast members. However, a leaked film from All-Star Weekend just provided us with an even more candid behind-the-scenes glimpse.

Shaq was upset that TNT didn’t broadcast his Orlando Magic jersey retiring ceremony in the video. Ernie Johnson and Charles Barkley retaliated, pointing out that it was shown on NBA TV. Shaq dismissed it, stating he wasn’t complaining, he was simply venting.

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Shaq was backed by Kenny Smith, who likened NBA TV to TruTV. Shaq and Barkley then engaged in some lighthearted banter in which Barkley defended NBA TV and Shaq made fun of Barkley for being a company man.

Eventually, as conversational conversations frequently go, Shaq started berating Barkley for never having won an NBA championship. The entire five-minute conversation was absolute gold, leaving viewers hankering after more uncut footage from the team.

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After months gone, JJ Redick returned to First Take with a vengeance. He didn’t hold back when he criticized Doc Rivers, the new coach of the Bucks (ironically, Redick is now the top NBA analyst on ESPN instead of Rivers), for his constant need for justifications.

When Redick was criticized by Doc Rivers’ son Austin during an ESPN appearance, NBA player Pat Beverley responded on Twitter. Redick didn’t hesitate to retaliate.

It’s wonderful to see JJ back on First Take, igniting some amazing discussions once more.

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