June 18, 2024

NFL rumors: Rome Odunze could be traded to the Steelers, Rams, or Colts.

It appears that a number of athletes at the NFL Combine have improved their draft prospects.

Rome Odunze is one of them; he appeared to be a real athletic specimen. Because of this, there are already whispers going around that teams like the Indianapolis Colts, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Los Angeles Rams may decide to trade up to draft him.

It will be a few weeks before the Draft occurs. Rome Odunze has already had meetings with nine other teams, though. According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, four of them are not in the top ten. On that ranking, the Jacksonville Jaguars are the fourth team.

In addition, [Rome Odunze] played briefly for the Steelers, Colts, Jaguars, and Rams. Those are intriguing since they might be clubs that are traded up. A significant trade-up for a receiver happens infrequently, yet occasionally. That is obviously something to be aware of.

Many people rank Odunze among the top three wide receivers in this draft class. His Combine stats demonstrate his extraordinary athleticism, and he possesses the size and strength to be a monster in the NFL.

The Steelers, Rams, or Colts may need to make a big offer to land Rome Odunze if they want to draft the former Washington Husky, who is projected to be a top ten choice.

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