June 15, 2024

Unbelievable: Aston Villa lost 2 key player today and…..

Mundo Deportivo reports that the club is happy to have the defender in Unai Emery’s plans and that he is reevaluating himself.

The Barcelona-loaned center defender is thought to be moving in January because of his lack of playing time in the first half of the season at Aston Villa.

That never happened, and as a result of Unai Emery’s tenacity in sticking with him, the defender established himself as a regular member of the squad.
Barcelona is “excited” about the revaluation and “don’t hide their satisfaction” that the player is now starting frequently.

Their goal is that Aston Villa will be more inclined to sign him permanently or perhaps work out a new loan agreement in the summer, which would be advantageous for Barcelona as they want to cut his salary.

Aston Villa may now be regretting not having a buy option included in the current loan as Lenglet integrates into the squad and becomes an integral part of Emery’s plans.

Having stated that, Barcelona wants to get rid of any

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