June 17, 2024

This partnership underscores Axnes’ commitment to providing cutting-edge communication solutions for critical operations and reinforces its position as a trusted provider in the aerospace industry.

The CH149 Cormorant SAR aircraft plays a pivotal role in search and rescue missions, where clear and reliable communication is crucial for saving lives.

“We are ecstatic to have been chosen by IMP Aerospace  & Defence and the Canadian Forces for the CH-149 Cormorant SAR aircraft upgrade project,” said Markus Schmitz, managing director of Axnes Inc.

“Axnes is committed to delivering reliable and innovative communication solutions that meet the unique needs of critical operations. We are proud to support IMP Aerospace & Defence and the Canadian Forces in their mission to protect and save lives.”

The Axnes PNG Wireless Intercom System (WICS) provides unparalleled audio clarity, enabling seamless communication between aircrew, ground personnel, and other SAR teams. The system’s intuitive interface and real-time, full-duplex, handsfree, VOX operated handheld, increases situational awareness, facilitates swift decision-making, enhancing mission success and ensuring the safety of all involved.

The upgrade project will integrate Axnes’ WICS system, comprised of BST50 Base Stations and MP50 Dual-Band Handheld Transceivers, into 13 CH-149 Cormorant SAR aircraft, ensuring reliable communication in even the most demanding environments.

The lightweight and durable design of the WICS system ensures optimal performance and endurance, meeting the rigorous requirements of search and rescue operations.

The company’s commitment to innovation, reliability, and customer satisfaction ensures that IMP Aerospac

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