June 19, 2024

SO SAD: F1 Nation boss Christian Horner announced his departure and also….

Customers of Aston Martins now have a new favorite paint color thanks to the car’s success on racetracks across the world in 2023.

Inspired by motorsports Retail data for new cars indicates that Racing Green has emerged as the most popular option for the brand.

About a quarter of Aston Martin’s buyers (24%) chose their new supercar or SUV from a selection of nine shades of green last year.

The most popular option among these was the eye-catching Aston Martin Racing Green, which is available in gloss or satin finishes.

Twelve percent of newly sold models are now Aston Martin Racing Green, up from seven percent the year before. The hue was only included in the brand’s color scheme in 2021 to commemorate Aston Martin’s comeback to Formula One.

When Fernando Alonso led the Aston Martin F1 team to a historic podium result, there was a surge in interest in the green paint color.

Orders for Racing Green-painted Aston Martin vehicles increased by 29% as a result of Alonso’s third-place finish in the season-opening Bahrain Grand Prix.

The popularity of traditional favorite colors has decreased due to the success of Aston Martin Racing Green. After Magnetic Silver, Xenon Grey was the second most popular color in 2023.

Aston Martin’s participation in Formula 1 has already shown to boost sales. Seventy-two percent of consumers purchasing F1-inspired special editions were not familiar with the brand.

Furthermore, compared to non-racing weekends in 2023, Aston Martin saw a 20 percent increase in online configurations supplied to dealers on race weekends.

“Our presence on the grid has propelled the brand onto the global stage, but also captured the imagination of loyal and new customers who are specifying more cars in green than ever before,” stated Marco Mattiacci, chief brand and commercial officer of Aston Martin.

“Since James Bond popularized the Silver Birch paint tone for DB5 and the brand in general, sixty years later, Aston Martin’s steady progress is

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