June 19, 2024

Sad news: Red Bull racing Max Verstappen had an accident during training and also….

Oscar Piastri thinks that throughout the first few races of the upcoming season,

none of his Formula One competitors will think they can compete with Red Bull and Max Verstappen.

The three-day pre-season test in Bahrain last week did not conclude with either the three-time champion or his team topping the timesheets, but around the paddock, it was generally agreed that the Dutchman and the current constructors’ title holders were in cruise control.

The all-conquering RB19 won 21 of the 22 grand prix last season; the RB20, with its drastically changed bodywork, is definitely an improvement over the RB19 and a warning to all.

After introducing significant changes to its car that were delivered in Austria and Singapore, McLaren challenged Red Bull on multiple times last year. However, Piastri believes the team has not been able to reduce the gap over the winter.

When asked if he thought Red Bull had advanced, he responded, “They don’t look slow, put it that way.”

Max appeared incredibly strong on the first day, and Sergio Perez on the last day undoubtedly appeared a little more at ease than he actually was.

The team to beat is them. I’m not exactly sure how much of an advantage they have, but it’s definitely enough—yeah, just enough to feel comfortable.

“I’m not sure about everyone else, but Red Bull is still, hands down, my favorite.

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