June 22, 2024


To the satisfaction of inaugural Broncos captain Wally Lewis, who describes the veteran half as a “great communicator” in the vein of club legend Allan Langer, Adam Reynolds has inked a one-year contract extension with Brisbane.

After two years with the club, the 33-year-old captain and half’s contract expired at the conclusion of this season. With him now on deck until the end of 2025, Lewis said that kept Brisbane’s premiership window wide open.

Reynolds is an important player, according to Lewis.

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His leadership serves as an inspiration to the younger members of the team, therefore it was imperative that they kept him.

He has also hung a carrot in front of himself by continuing, allowing him to improve and

The Brisbane Broncos have unveiled an enduring memorial to the late Carl Webb, a cherished member of the football community who lost his battle with Motor Neurone Disease (MND) following a valiant four years.

The Broncos gym’s strength leaderboard was renamed The Carl Webb Strength Leaderboard in honor of Webb, one month after he passed away, as a way for the team to recognize his valiant spirit.

Brisbane coach Kevin Walters was joined by Webb’s children, Hunter and Brooklyn, as well as close friends Damon and Deanna Keating, who are also co-founders of the Carl Webb Foundation, for the unique event held at the Broncos’ Red Hill facility.

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