June 22, 2024

sad news: Another QB Jared Goff has announce resignation and departure to ..

Detroit supporters continue to show their gratitude and love for the accomplishments of the 2023 Lions team during their deep playoff run, even if the team is currently in the summer. When we last checked in, there were chants of “Jared Goff” during a pro hockey game at Little Caesars Arena in January, which was part of the NFC Championship. This was just one example of how Detroit Lions passion was affecting other sports arenas in the city. The worlds of professional football and hockey reunited on Saturday when Ben Johnson, the offensive coordinator for the Lions, was asked to blow the whistle before the Detroit Red Wings and St. Louis Blues game.The home squad had a fantastic first quarter, scoring four goals, to completely destroy the visiting St. Louis Blues 6-1

Jared Goff - Detroit Lions Quarterback - ESPN

. After the puck dropped, the Red Wings scored their first goal 33 seconds later, and five and a half minutes into the game, they led 3-0. In response to Brad Galli of WXYZ Detroit, head coach Derek Lalonde—who is openly a fan of the Lions’ management style—made a lighthearted remark about the positive energy Ben Johnson’s presence brought to the building at his post-game press conference. You can definitely give the Lions a solid 6–8 points this season.

Jared Goff: 'I'll pick Teddy's brain' – Macomb Daily

Everyone seemed to be having a great time, and it seems like the Jared Goff chants had returned. Max Bultman of The Athletic reported that the shouts had returned at some point during the third period, while our own Erik Schlitt was keeping an eye on things. Since at least one Detroit Lions player may have been upset at the way the Red Wings thrashed the Blues, I think everyone had a nice time. For a truly in-depth edit, the Red Wings’ official Twitter account went back into the video archives to the August 2023 visitation of  and Lucas Raymond to the Lions training camp:


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