June 15, 2024

A 92-year-old TAR HEEL basketball hero has passed away, according to sad news from UNC.

Chapel Hill, N.C. – North Carolina athletics announced the decision to suspend activities for one day in response to doubled positive test results on campus.


Just one week into the start of the new school year, North Carolina proved the inevitable: college kids are extremely difficult to monitor during a pandemic. Sadly, the university has not been able to prevent parties, enforce masks or anything remotely up to North Carolina mandates and as a result, the school will be virtual.


North Carolina’s statement:


Hopefully during this time, North Carolina will reset the school for remain students and faculty on campus. Safety has to be the number one priority for the university with national attention watching for them to somehow correct the decision to allow students back on campus.


Carolina has now become the experiment and leading example for what other universities should and shouldn’t do in response to the pandemic concerning allowing students and faculty on campus.

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