June 15, 2024

CBS NEWS: Wolverine QB explained while he want to leave the club to Packers.

It currently looks as though sophomore safety Keon Sabb will play no part for the Michigan football team in 2024, despite expectations that he would play a bigger role.A

aron Suttles of Yea Alabama reported on X on Monday night that quarterback quarterback Josh Sabb has enrolled at Alabama and will play for the Crimson Tide in 2024. In 2023, Sabb made appearances in 14 games for Michigan, starting five of them. He finished with 28 tackles overall and two interceptions.

Despite not being a regular starter for the Wolverines, Sabb saw a lot of playing time as a stand-in defensive defender. When Will Johnson, the sophomore cornerback, was injured, he filled in for Johnson at the start of several games.

During his relatively brief playing career, Sabb contributed some important plays for Michigan. In the Wolverines’ victory against Minnesota, he tallied six tackles overall, and in the National Championship game against Washington, he recorded a pick-six. In addition, he played 61 snaps against the Huskies, which is more than senior safety Makari Paige, who started.

Quinten Johnson, a graduating defensive back, announced his intention to enter the NFL Draft, meaning that in 2024, Sabb would play even more snaps. The coaching staff that Sabb would have worked with would have been very different from last year’s due to the losses of defensive coordinator Jesse Minter, defensive backs coach Steve Clinkscale, and previous coach Jim Harbaugh to the Los Angeles Chargers.

The foundation of the Wolverines’ defensive backfield is still in tact thanks to the return of junior safety Rod Moore, Will Johnson, and Paige. But Sabb, who was supposed to be a major player in that room come 2024, has decided to move his skills south to Alabama.

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