June 24, 2024


The NFL offseason is a time where we’ve learned to anticipate the unexpected. It looks like 2024 will be another exciting offseason, with a number of superstars potentially moving. Check out these 25 audacious predictions heading into the offseason.

As the best quarterback available among unrestricted free agents, Cousins may seek a higher salary than the Vikings are prepared to offer. Atlanta is a good fit as a team that desperately needs a quarterback, with plenty of potent weapons and an offensive scheme that is comparable to what Kirk Cousins had in Minnesota thanks to the appointment of former Rams assistant Zac Robinson as offensive coordinator.

Ekeler may have to settle for a short-term agreement because he had a difficult year due to ankle concerns. If the Raiders are unable to re-sign Josh Jacobs, they could use a flexible back like Ekeler, and Tom Telesco, the new general manager, is more familiar with Ekeler than anybody else who is leaving the Chargers.

Given their recent spending, the 49ers may need to make some financially motivated decisions. As Aiyuk approaches free agency, moving him may be one of those considerations. Aiyuk, fresh off a fantastic season, might command a premium draft pick. In order to be a fit, New England needs a wideout in addition to cap room and draft money.

25 Commanders will add the remaining 4. Allen Josh

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