June 15, 2024

BRAKING NEWS: Bengals head coach announced his departure and…

With Dax Hill and Jordan Battle leading the youthful, talented safety room, the 33-year-old is hoping to get the best out of them.

Will the Bengals add a veteran to the back end or remain with the young guys? After free agency opens next month, we’ll know the answer to that query, but Kovacs did give Hill some credit when Dan Hoard inquired about the 23-year-old on the Bengals Booth.

The most crucial factor in anything, particularly in the National Football League, is experience. He’s been excellent. He is skilled,” Kovacs remarked. “He has the ability to cover, which is difficult to find for safety. He’s experienced highs.

He’s had some excellent plays, and I’m sure he would be the first to admit that there are a few that he wishes he could have back, but that’s the life of a developing safety.

Over the season, he’s done an excellent job of simply striving to get a little better. I am excited to work with Dax and have high expectations for him. This year, I want to see even more progress from him.

In the previous season, Hill finished with 110 tackles (six for loss), 1.5 sacks, two interceptions, and five quarterback hits. Kovacs thinks that Hill, Battle, and the whole secondary need to communicate.

“Anytime you’re going from nickel to safety, there is a transition, there’s a learning curve,” Kovacs stated.

  1. “You truly become the defense’s quarterback once you’re in the back end of this beast. I’m aware that he’s still learning and developing in that area, and one area where we need to make significant progress is in communication. As the defense’s quarterback, it is our responsibility to communicate and ensure that everyone is on the same page. I think he’ll perform admirably in that regard.”

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