July 15, 2024

Bulldogs board reshuffle looms on season’s eve with chairman’s four-year tenure set to end

On the eve of the 2024 NRL season, at the Bulldogs’ annual board meeting, John Khoury is apparently scheduled to take over as chairman.

After leading the Canterbury-Bankstown club since 2020, Khoury is reportedly scheduled to be fired during a meeting on Sunday, according to The Daily Telegraph.

According to reports, Khoury will step down on Sunday, and there is no hostility between the individual who will take over as chairman and the current chairman.

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Adam Driussi, a board member and co-founder of the billion-dollar company Quantium, is supposedly in line to assume the position. He has a tight relationship with both Phil Gould and Aaron Warburton, the CEO.

Gould is said to have spoken with Khoury, who is expected to make the announcement at the AGM on Sunday.

As chair, I am quite happy of what I accomplished for the club in my capacity, and I have always supported succession planning. Khoury said the SMH, “We have a succession plan in place and we are absolutely dedicated to seeing that plan through.

Everyone should be aware that this was decided upon by unanimous vote. I am really proud of the football and league teams, and I will continue to serve as a joint director of both.

“It’s disheartening to witness news breaking before the AGM and my scheduled update. I will make my announcement on Sunday as planned, and I still firmly believe in the Bulldogs.

Gould and Warburton were allegedly employed by Khoury to manage the club’s football operations.

Khoury also got Driussi on the club’s board, and it’s said that he’s going to take over for him.

Ray Dib and Lynne Anderson will also be replaced, making Khoury the third chairman to change in the last six years.

Khoury was removed from his position as chairman, but he is expected to remain a director on the boards of the Leagues club and the football team.

Bulldogs supporters hold Khoury in high regard, especially in light of the team’s thrilling victory over the Storm on Thursday night in the preseason.

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