June 18, 2024

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Micah Handlogten, a sophomore center for Florida, just finished one of his best games of the 2023–2024 campaign against Auburn. The North Carolina native led the Gators to a victory over the Tigers on Saturday night despite only scoring four points. He also finished with three steals and five blocks.

Regarding Handlogten’s play against Auburn, head coach Todd Golden stated, “Even though he produced really well against Georgia – 23 and 17 – I really thought his most impactful game, in terms of winning, might have been Saturday.”

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With a plus-minus of 18 against Auburn, Handlogten’s was the second-highest of the Gators throughout the match (behind Walter Clayton, 19).

Then Golden said, “He played so hard.” “I tested him in a few areas before the game, including his physicality. He heard me say, “These men are

Since the beginning of the season, the 7’1”, 235-pound center has been looking to increase his physicality.

Handlogten stated to the reporters on Friday, “I’d say that’s definitely the new standard for me.” “Coach Golden put me to the test before that game. “I want you to play as physically as you can,” he urged. Enter the game and observe how that functions. I entered there and did that, and it clearly worked. That, I would argue, is my new benchmark.

Handlogten set a season record with five blocked shots against Auburn, which accounted for 25% of his total blocks for the 2023–24 campaign.

Handlogten stated, “I think that with the timing aspect, I finally started coming into my own.

When asked about his success with tip-in buckets, Handlogten replied, “I wouldn’t say it surprised me; I knew what I was capable of.” It’s been somewhat of a game for me. I think it’s just bringing it up a notch because, as I mentioned earlier, confidence is key, so if you go up there with confidence you’re going to get that ball. I know how to tip the ball around and get it to where I can either get possession of it or get it to go in the basket. I was successful at this last year.

“It’s just something that, if you can read it, you can read; I don’t think it’s something you really teach.””

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