June 18, 2024

BRAKING NEWS:2024 tournament group’s have announced and..

January 31, 2024: New York Today, New York City FC revealed the grouping for the 2024 Leagues Cup as well as information on the new competition structure.

In the second Leagues Cup, the “Boys in Blue” will play FC Cincinnati and Querétaro F.C., a Mexican team. The international soccer tournament is scheduled to begin on Friday, July 26 and end on Sunday, August 25. Schedule, bracket, and ticket information for the Leagues Cup 2024 will be made available later.

A tier-based Leagues Cup Ranking system and hubs for the top-ranked LIGA MX clubs will be added to the competition going ahead. The combined MLS and LIGA MX club performance, as determined by points earned in the last 34 regular season games, will be the exclusive basis for the Leagues Cup ranking.

Knockout Rounds: After the Group Stage, the 30 teams that advanced will play in the single-game elimination Knockout Rounds, which start with the Round of 32 (16 matches) and end with the Round of 16, which consists of eight matches. The MLS Cup champions Columbus Crew and LIGA MX will also participate in this round.

The 30 teams will be placed in a fixed bracket. Prior to the two Semifinal matchups, the eight teams who advance will play in the Quarterfinals, which consist of four matches. The three Concacaf Champions Cup eligible clubs will be determined by the Leagues Cup 2024 Third Place and Final.

Leagues Cup will continue to follow its current No Ties format. If the game is tied after ninety minutes, each team gets one point. The next penalty shootout winner will receive an extra point.

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