July 14, 2024

Los Angeles Ram head coach Sean McVay terminated his contract just now after…

With Matthew Stafford’s deal, the Los Angeles Rams may need to make a significant decision.

Given that Stafford’s current contract was a four-year, $160 million extension signed more than two years ago, it is obvious that the market for quarterback contracts has expanded significantly since then. In actuality, quarterbacks Trevor Lawrence of the Jacksonville Jaguars and Jared Goff of the Detroit Lions have both inked contract extensions totaling $53 million and $55 million annually, respectively. Given that Stafford is in his 36th season as a quarterback, the LA Rams may need to handle this scenario with caution. Stafford probably believes he has one more opportunity to make money in his NFL career.

Given that he has three more seasons left on his deal, he will be a free agent in the NFL when he turns 39. His contract’s cap hit has increased from $20 million to $49.5 million, more than doubling from the previous year’s amount. Given that an extension frees up more than $20 million in cap space in 2024, 2025, and 2026, it makes sound financial sense. However, given Stafford’s advanced age and his lengthy history of injuries, what action should the Rams take in this situation? It should come as no surprise that he is likely seeking a raise, and he has a case for asking for more money than Goff and Lawrence received in their agreements.

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