July 13, 2024

Just now: Ross Chastain is upset about the ban imposed by NASCAR administration…

Ross Chastain had a busy practice on Friday, ahead of the Iowa Corn 350 Powered by Ethanol on Sunday. The No. 1 Chevrolet was actually hauled off the track by two trucks working

simultaneously on a dolly, as NASCAR attempted to prevent more damage to Chastain’s car after he encountered some problems during practice. Check out the footage below; it’s definitely something we’ve never seen before in NASCAR.

Clearly, it is NASCAR’s new technique, as they seek to prevent more damage to cars while transporting them to the garage. It worked for Chastain since he was able to return to practice and run some fast laps, even quicker than before his vehicle was taken away. Still, Chastain is perplexed by how his car was acting on the track at Iowa Speedway, and he expressed his confusion to FOX’s Bob Pockrass after practice. “It’s neither,” Chastain said when asked if he was apprehensive about the weather for Sunday’s race. “I mean, we don’t know what happened. So we went back out and did some more laps on a different set. So I went out and raced my quickest lap around five laps later.

Unfortunately, Ross Chastain has yet to win a race this season, and Iowa Speedway would be an ideal venue for one. We’ll see if the No. 1 can overcome their troubles in practice and win on Sunday evening.

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