June 19, 2024

Max Verstappen won four races in 2024, cementing his position as the current Formula One world champion since 2015. Throughout the ongoing ground effect era, his prominence has grown dramatically.

Verstappen has been practically invincible in the sport since 2022, winning 19 of 22 races decisively. The majority of these victories were won with a considerable lead. When questioned about his preferred method of victory, Verstappen unexpectedly disclosed that he likes dominant victories over wheel-to-wheel fights. He strives to establish his own legacy, as evidenced by his Grand Prix victories, in which he easily leads the field.

Despite his tendency for comfortable leads, Verstappen had a defeat at the 2024 Miami Grand Prix, losing to McLaren’s [Driver Name]. Certain conditions throughout the 57-lap Grand Prix offered Norris an advantage, allowing him to remain calm while being pursued by Verstappen. This performance prompted the Red Bull team advisor to express fear that Norris would become a formidable opponent.
The McLaren Formula One team has made great improvement since the second half of the 2022 season. This year, they have maintained their increasing trend and have various renovations in the works. Verstappen may face stiff competition from Norris and [Another Driver] in the remaining 18 races of the season.

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