July 15, 2024

head coach Daren Sammy announce his departure to west indies cricket saying…..

Bowlers with the “X-factor” could be crucial in the June World Cup as T20 cricket becomes an increasingly batter-dominated format, according to West Indies head coach Daren Sammy, who spoke to Reuters.

The current Indian Premier League (IPL), where 200-plus scores have become the norm and 300 does not seem improbable anymore, demonstrates the batting bias of cricket’s shortest format.

Sammy, who led the West Indies to two T20 World Cup victories, anticipates more batting mayhem in the June main event.

The former all-rounder claimed in a phone interview while on his T20 World Cup trophy tour in Saint Lucia that bowlers “have been under the pump.”

Every international bowler has experienced pressure; it’s not only the younger players. Take a look at the IPL, okay?

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