June 19, 2024

Following the 2024 NFL Draft, several side stories emerge over the period of months that culminate in the moment a team selects a player: recruiting, meetings, scouting, and many other events that occur before to the Draft that could affect the history of a franchise or the NFL as a whole.
Indeed, the Kansas City Chiefs’ selection of Patrick Mahomes as the 10th overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft disrupted and changed the course of NFL history: three Super Bowl championships, three MVPs, and seven consecutive AFL West crowns speak volumes.

Prior to this year’s Draft, Travis Kelce’s podcast, New Heights, uploaded an interview he conducted with Patrick Mahomes in 2022, in which he discussed the days leading up to his selection and the meetings.

During the interview, Mahomes expressed his desire to play for coach Reid and the Chiefs, which eventually affected the team’s decision to draft him.

I kind of provided the Chiefs some inside information and said, ‘Hey, if you let me go 12 or lower, I’ll be drafted by someone else.’ So I provided the Chiefs some information about it because I wanted to be here. I’m not sure who was 12 at the time, but I knew I’d get drafted right around there. My agent spoke with Brett Veach and the Chiefs’ staff. I recall Veach sending my agent a small picture of a Red Raider with the ‘Guns Up,’ so I knew the Chiefs were drafting me around pick nine or ten.

The Kansas City Chiefs made a fantastic selection in picking Patrick Mahomes, who has since become one of the best players in NFL history. As a result, they have established a dynasty that is currently regarded as one of the greatest in the league, capable of competing with the best teams in NFL history.



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