June 24, 2024

ESPN NEWS NOW: The Steelers are about to sign a super QB now and….

There was a lot of drama last week because of rumors that Daniels might not want to play in Washington, but my pick to win the Heisman Trophy is still number two overall.

In an attempt to put an end to the speculations and conjecture, the LSU quarterback told reporters on Wednesday, “Whoever calls my phone, (when the) commissioner gets up and says my name, I’ll be blessed, and they’re going to get my all.”

I believe that on Thursday night, New England defeats Maye, despite a lot of “trade back” smoke. I don’t think the Patriots actually take an offer in this particular case, but they might want to consider them. I might be in error. Have you ever seen an expensive home listed for sale that never sells? Is the homeowner merely enjoying having it for sale? I believe that this is a comparable situation.

In my initial mock draft, I had the Cardinals moving out of the No. 4 spot, and neither the general manager nor the head coach had contacted me to change my mind. But even with a “godfather” deal from the Vikings or Giants to get to this position, at some time you spend one of your three selections in the top 35 on a blue-chip player while he’s there and stop accumulating picks.

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