June 19, 2024

Gregg Doyel, an Indianapolis Star columnist, had a second unpleasant moment during Caitlin Clark’s inaugural news conference Wednesday.

Doyel, who had already been under criticism for a strange contact with Clark while asking the Indiana Fever’s No. 1 choice a question, referred to her as “that” and “it” in a new video released while speaking with Fever coach Christie Sides.

“You were just given the keys to that,” Doyel said Sides, referring to Clark.

“What are you going to do with it?”

It’s an unusual method to ask a question about Clark, and it follows Doyel’s earlier meeting with him at a press conference.

Fans are furious over a bizarre interaction between a veteran columnist and Caitlin Clark.

Doyel irritated fans on Wednesday when he formed a heart symbol with his hands to begin Clark’s inquiry.

Clark asked Doyel if he liked that, and he said, “I like that you’re here.” Then, after Clark revealed that she performs that gesture to her family after every Iowa Hawkeyes game, Doyel’s uneasy reaction became even worse.

The social media reaction was intense.

“I would totally understand if the Fever revoked Gregg Doyel’s credentials for this creepy back and forth with Caitlin,” CBS Sports host Chris Williamson commented.

Barstool Sports President Dave Portnoy referred to Doyel as a “pervert,” while Ayssa Bergamini of 690 The Score dubbed him a “creep.” ESPN’s Clinton Yates said, “This is obviously inappropriate, unprofessional, and just plain gross.”

“I do not know Gregg Doyel personally. But I’ve been following him on here for years. “He’s the *star columnist* for IndyStar, a Pulitzer Prize-winning publication that helped bring down Larry Nassar,” journalist Lindsay Gibbs stated. “And he thought it was OK to ask that, and then wasn’t ashamed, he went on tweeting afterwards!”

Doyel apologised for his statements and penned a piece titled “Caitlin Clark, I’m so sorry.” On Wednesday, I was part of the problem.

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