June 15, 2024

During a press conference on Thursday, Vikings general manager Kwesi Adofo-Mensah stated, “We want to make sure that we set ourselves up for a potential better look if a team picks up the phone because they don’t have to pick up the phone.” “However, we also want to position ourselves to benefit greatly in the event that we select outstanding players and they don’t. Once more, I realize we talk about quarterbacks a lot, but they are the most crucial positions in team sports, not in our sport. It takes more than just having the quarterback right; it takes getting the quarterback and the supporting cast correct as well.

“So, in a way, this choice is based on how we view our offseason.

in that regard, it functions as a sort of intermediary between quarterback assets and other resources. Our draft, I believe, will go in the same direction. You don’t necessarily want to go out and take these big risks if you can’t develop a team around them, in my opinion. Though it will be different, you won’t be where you want to be. Thus, I believe that’s how we interpret that choice.”

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