June 15, 2024

ESPN SAD NEWS: After the signing, Stefon Diggs returns to Buffalo bills today with…

The Buffalo Bills traded wide receiver Stefon Diggs to the Houston Texans on Wednesday, enabling the AFC East team to let the player choose his future destination outside of a single club.

According to Chris Simms of Pro Football Talk, Stefon Diggs was free to pursue a trade with any team but the Kansas City Chiefs before to joining the Houston Texans, thanks to an agreement with the Buffalo Bills. The Bills were eager to keep a direct conference foe from getting stronger.

The Bills have made it to the postseason three times in a row thanks in large part to Diggs, but despite this, they have never won a Super Bowl because the Chiefs have frequently stood in their way. Even with impressive regular-season results, they have yet to make it to the playoffs.

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