June 15, 2024

UNBELIEVABLE: Bills Head coach Sean McDermott unhappy for the departure of…

Inside Jones-Hill House, Maryland football had its yearly Pro Day event on Friday,

providing a stage for fifteen players from the 2023 roster and a few extra players who aspired to play professionally. 57 scouts represented all 32 NFL teams.

Beau Brade, a safety who is expected to be the Terps’ top draft choice in April, was the focal point of the group. Brade is certain that his film stands out and has met with teams all over the league, despite the fact that he did not play as well as he had anticipated on Friday. The New York Giants, Buffalo Bills, and Houston Texans, according to him, have stood out.

Brade remarked, “I mean, it’s an exciting process.” “I’m happy to be working together with my guys here. I didn’t really perform as well as I would have liked to today, but you know what I’m capable of—you can still watch the movie—and the teams do too. Thus, to be honest, I’m not too concerned about that. The preparation for that momentous day is the process itself. It really has been wonderful. It’s been incredible. I feel like I’m improving both in my game and my craft, plus I’ve met some amazing people. And as you can see, my career has only just begun.”

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