June 15, 2024

coach John Dobson explain why he want to leave Rugby Banter for…

World Cup champions? Not a chance on this showing. Not to belittle the most heroic Uruguayan performance, but Los Teros’ challenge was eventually halted by one of the shoddiest French performances of the Fabien Galthie era, wrapped in the referee’s green card.

Twelve changes were made by Galthie to the team that defeated New Zealand in the first game of the tournament, and it was evident. With the exception of a few sparks from the multivalent Sekou Macalou, France appeared to be devoid of stars. Uruguay, on the other hand, was beset with them; they were down by just one point until the 55th minute.

Andres Vilaseca, the captain and center, and Santiago Arata, the half-back who was very familiar with France due to his scrum-half experience, Felipe Etcheverry,

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