June 19, 2024

the match between Boston Celtics vs washington wizards has being cancelled due to ..

Mike Gorman, a longtime play-by-play commentator for the Boston Celtics, caused a bit of a media stir last week when he made remarks regarding Grant Williams, a former Tennessee Vols basketball player.

Williams, whose career began with the Boston Celtics before he was traded to the Dallas Mavericks and then the Charlotte Hornets, was described by Gorman as a “annoying” lousy locker room guy.

Gorman remarked, “He was annoying,” when he appeared on 98.5 Th Sports Hub. “He annoyed everyone around him. At first, I believe that everyone kind of thought, “Well, he’s cute and funny, but he’s kind of a wise ass.” And after that, it simply became old. He has problems in that area that need to be resolved, or else he won’t be a good person.

is endearing and rather humorous. And after that, it just got old. He has some problems there, and if he doesn’t resolve them, teams won’t be able to keep him even though they still think he’s a terrific player. He isn’t. He is eccentric. On your roster, he is the eighth, ninth, and tenth player. Being a horrible locker room guy will not keep you on the team for very long, therefore you won’t be the eighth or ninth guy for very long.”

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