June 15, 2024

Rafael Nadal Was Suspended.

Rafael Nadal Was Suspended Because Of His Reaction to…

]On Wednesday night, just before his first-round match in Indian Wells, Rafael Nadal announced his withdrawal, stating he was “not ready to play at the highest level”.

After missing nearly a year due to a hip flexor injury, the 37-year-old Spaniard resumed competition in Brisbane in January. However, he was forced to withdraw from the Australian Open due to another tear in his muscle.

He was defeated by Carlos Alcaraz in a Las Vegas exhibition tournament on Sunday, but he appeared ready to challenge for a fourth championship in the California desert until withdrawing before his bout with Milos Raonic, a Canadian.

I must regretfully announce my withdrawal from this incredible Indian Wells tournament.
Everyone is aware of my fondness for this location and my

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