June 19, 2024

While trying to prepare Welsh Conservatives for today’s general election, Rishi Sunak insisted he had a strong ‘pack’ surrounding him, despite the fact that he might not appear like the most natural person to be at the center of a scrum.

The modestly built PM, speaking at the party’s spring conference in Llandudno with some Six Nations joking, said he was a hooker for Team Tory, one of the beefier positions in a union XV.

He briefly dabbled with Welsh, suggesting that the people say “dim diolch,” or “no thank you,” to Welsh Labour’s 20 mph speed limits, before focusing on the nation’s love of the oval ball.

Still, the timing—coming just two weeks after Wales—might have been a little problematic.

He was then met with polite, applause as he assigned his Welsh ministers and MPs positions in his team.

He might not seem like the most logical person to be at the center of a s

The timing, though, may have been a little strange as it came just two weeks after Wales, who were ranked fifth in the six-team standings, lost to England 16–14 at Twickenham.

Mr. Sunak said to the assembly that having the conference during the conference was ‘appropriate’.

He held them, saying, “I have to admit that sometimes working in this job can feel like you’re in the middle of a political scrum.”

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