June 15, 2024

Former Australian Nick McLarty, turn Ohio State player become newest punter commit.

What is your thoughts about the rules?

Columbus, Ohio — Observing the drills taking place on the field in front of him, Nick McLarty appeared to be a potential offensive or defensive lineman as he stood on the sidelines of Ohio State’s first spring practice on Tuesday.

On the first day of his multi-day vacation to Ohio, the 6-foot-7, 255-pound player had a clear head and viewed everything with new eyes. That was primarily intentional.

McLarty is not a punter, despite what the public believes, because of his size. In addition, at twenty years old, he was older than any other candidate there—he would graduate from high school in 2022. Naturally, though, the fact that Ohio State’s newest recruit is Australian is what makes him the most intriguing.

The strong-legged punter made his commitment to Ohio State known on Friday morning, capping off a journey that took tens of thousands of miles and innumerable hours to complete. This voyage involved learning not only about the American game but also about the new nation he would be living in.

“Coach Ryan Day is the ultimate decision-maker,” McLarty stated following his pledge. In addition to focusing on winning a national title, he also places a strong emphasis on the growth of individuals through his attention to detail, special teams, and punter value. He not only has a great deal of faith in me, but he also recognizes how important my role is—or will be—in the team’s success.

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