June 15, 2024

Bob Melvin Explain why he is leaving San Francisco Giants ..

On Sunday afternoon, the San Francisco Giants will host the Chicago White Sox at their spring training home. When the two teams play again in six days, this will be the first of their two meetings. The Giants want to extend their winning streak to two games by winning the first game against them. The Milwaukee Brewers and Oakland Athletics were defeated back-to-back by the Giants. The pitching was excellent against the A’s as they gave up just one run in a 5-1 victory, then they got their bats going against the Brewers and scored 13 runs. The Giants have won their last six spring training games, and they have been playing much better lately.


On Thursday’s Baseball Tonight show, Olney stated, “I’m hearing that Blake Snell’s preference—strong preference—is to go to the Angels.” “With that squad, there has been back and forth. That’s my prediction for his landing position.”

The Washington state native would only need to make a quick trip north up the freeway from San Diego, where he played for the last three seasons, if he were to strike a deal with the Angels, allowing him to remain on the West Coast. In addition, it would add a left-hander to a rotation that currently includes Tyler Anderson, Reid Detmers, Patrick Sandoval, and Andrew Jackson.

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