June 17, 2024

Brock Purdy declared his retirement saying…

Brock Purdy announced his retirement on his wedding day saying…

The countdown is underway for Brock Purdy’s March 2024 wedding to Jennifer Brandt. Less than a month will pass between the San Francisco 49ers’ Super Bowl performance and the wedding. Purdy acknowledged that most of the planning for the Niners season has been done by his future wife.

Purdy said to Extra in a media session on Super Bowl Opening Night, February 6, 2024, “Yeah, Jenna’s done a great job with the wedding plans.” “It goes without saying that we were engaged in the summer and then the season arrived. Thus, obviously, football and attempting to win every week have been my obsessions.

“She’s performed incredibly well. We just discuss the tiny details of the wedding when I get home,” Purdy went on. “And To be really honest, it’s helped me sort of forget about football. We also have time to discuss the wedding and our plans for the future. We have therefore enjoyed the entire process of [it]. She did a fantastic job with it.

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