June 19, 2024

Tom Brady has agreed to terms on a 3yr deal worth up to $30M with the New England Patriot.

Tom Brady has agreed to terms on a 3yr deal worth up to $30M to return to the Patriots…

Greg Olsen, the leading game analyst for Fox Sports, is about to wrap up his NFL regular-season broadcast. As part of his 10-year, $375 million contract, Tom Brady is expected to take over the top spot in the next year. However, there have been persistent rumors that the seven-time Super Bowl champion is not serious about his next project.

As the transition to the TV booth draws nearer, more commentators—including Brady himself—are chiming in. “This coming September, I’ll be starting a big broadcasting job,” he revealed on this week’s Let’s Go! show. “I’m already putting a lot of effort into making sure I’m ready for that challenge and mentally and emotionally prepared for that opportunity.”

Brady’s former New England Patriots teammate Devin McCourty said during a guest appearance on The Dan Patrick Show said he had heard from sources that Brady had been studying and getting ready for the broadcast booth, supporting the claim.

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