June 22, 2024

Holger Rune was involved in a car accident and his hospitalize.

Holger Rune was hospitalize due to the car accident he was…

Which two non-tennis essentials do you always bring on trips?
My phone and headphones, I would say. These are the most fundamental things. I prefer to put on my headphones before a game to set the mood. It goes without saying that a phone is necessary for coordination.

Have you ever left your headphones or phone at home?
I once really irritated myself by forgetting my headphones. Never mind about the phone; I had to go buy some new ones. That would be a major rookie error, in my opinion.

Do you see traveling as something that’s necessary to become a professional tennis player, or do you find it enjoyable?
Yes, I do find it enjoyable. It seems pleasant to me. It’s hardly the most pleasant aspect of

our lives to spend time in an aircraft. However, it’s a necessary component, and you can’t wait to get there. I pass the time by playing cards or having some fun bantering with the team.

Which tournament city is your favorite to visit, and why?
I must admit that Monaco is both my favorite city and event. It feels very much like home because I live there. I consider Acapulco to be an extremely excellent tournament. Incredible number of people in attendance. large fans of tennis. It’s just an all-around fantastic spot to play tennis, in my opinion.

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